What to do in San Pedro Sula...

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Whatever the reason of your visit to San Pedro Sula, there are many things you can do with your time once in the city:


At Los Jícaros you are close to the City Mall and to Multiplaza, with several movie theaters in each. You can enjoy the best movie selections in town. Check with our Front Desk for movies and showtimes.


We are practically surrounded by stores: In the same block as Plaza Cristal Comercial Center; one block away from Nova Prisa Shopping Center; three blocks from Plaza Mónaco, and within walking distance of the business district and downtown, you can shop for anything you with without a problem. We are also reasonably close from City Mall and Multiplaza shopping centers.

If you are interested in shopping for Honduran handicrafts, the Guamilito Artisan Market is a must, just 6 blocks away from the hotel and with a wide variety of Honduran handicrafts: from tipical pottery to delicate wood carvings; from straw works to primitivist paintings, and ranging from miniatures, stone carvings and city souvenirs. Incidentally, we at Los Jícaros promote local art: All the paintings at the hotel have ben made by local painters and they are all for sale. Check with the Front Desk if you are interested.


During your stay, you can enjoy the relaxed outdoors atmosphere of our Tiki Bar, with music and a variety of drinks and food choices, available after 6:00 p.m.

You can order take out food from the hotel with a variety of options, including pizza y pasta from Pizza Hut, mexican food from El Fogoncito, chinese from El Mandarín, and an assortment of other restaurants.

If you want to go out, you have an array of options very close to the hotel: For lunch or early dinner we recommend the variety of choices at Nova Prisa Food Court. For dinner, you can enjoy El Fogoncito, 1 block from the hotel and with frequent night entertainment shows; you can also go to the excellent cafeteria and restaurant at the Crowne Plaza hotel, our neighbor, located in the same block as Los Jícaros, or the variety of food available at Denny´s, Churches Chicken, Domino´s Pizza and other restaurants in the area.

Not within walking distance, yet close to the hotel, you can find the Zona Viva, area where the best restaurants, bars, and karaokes are concentrated. Do not miss it!

Night Life

We are close to the Zona Viva, where you can find an array of discos, bars, and karaokes, very popular among the locals, where you can enjoy yourself safely. Even if we are close to the Zona Viva, we do not recommend that you walk in the city alone at night. As any other city, we have our fair share of thieves. It is far better and much safer to take a taxi. We suggest you check with our Front Desk staff.

Religious Worship

There is a variaty of churches in town, catholic and of a variety of denominations, and one sinagogue. Check with our Front Desk staff.


The Anthropology Museum is located on 3rd. Avenue and 4th. Street, N.W. and it is open every day. The Children´s Museum is located at Bulevar del Sur and 33rd street. Check with our Front Desk staff for addresses and times.


Soccer is the sports passion of Hondurans, and San Pedro Sula is home to two National League teams, the popular Club Deportivo Marathon and the Real Espańa soccer club. The city has two stadiums: The Francisco Morazán Stadium one block from the hotel, and the Olympic Stadium, on Segundo Anillo de Circunvalación. Check with our Front Desk staff for matches and times. .

Across the street from the Olympic Stadium you find Wonderland, the largest water park in Honduras, with a variety of rides for children and adults.

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